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This Module shows a list of the currently published Articles which have the highest number of page views. Help

Modulo Acceso

This module displays a username and password login form. It also displays a link to retrieve a forgotten password. If user registration is enabled (in the Global Configuration settings), another link will be shown to enable self-registration for users. Help

Conmutar Idioma

The language switcher module allows you to take advantage of the language tags that are available when content, modules and menu links are created.

This module displays a list of available Content Languages for switching between them.

When switching languages, it redirects to the Home page defined for the chosen language. Thereafter, the navigation will be the one defined for that language.

The language filter plugin must be enabled for this module to work properly.


To view an example of the language switch moduler module, go to the site administrator and enable the language filter plugin and the language switcher module labellled "language switcher" and visit the fruit shop or park sample sites. Then follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Huerto de Naranjas feliz

En nuestra huerta cultivamos las mejores naranjas del mundo, así como otros cítricos como el limón y el pomelo. Nuestra familia ha estado atendiendo este huerto por generaciones.

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